(You can look at what you don't see here if you download the game)(Scheidungsgrund)

The Reason Of Divorce

(in fact I do not know how this solitaire game is called in English. I learned it from a book where it comes with a story of a lady who couldn't stop playing it and therefore neglected her household and her husband and everything.... There, the problem was solved by a book offering her simpler solitaire games....

the most difficult Solitaire Game I know.

All you need is: Windows about 95 and later

You can  Download (332 KB, ZIP) and try. I am sorry it's all in german, but it's not difficult to use. Otherwise just ask me. If someone translates the helpfiles I will publish them here.

Scheidungsgrund is

Everybody, playing Scheidungsgrund should please mail me all games which he thinks unsolvable, as Hier gibt's den Scheidungsgrund in Deutsch

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